Community Development

Recognizing the need to adopt integrated approach for sustainable development of rural community and natural environment conservation, promotion of improved land use in hilly regions subjected to shifting cultivation has been initiated by FREDA with the co-operation of JOFCA in 1998.
The objectives include reforestation of barren steep slopes in the form of community forests, introduction of appropriate agro-forestry technology, growing of leguminous plants for fodder and fruit trees for sustainable income generation.

Participatory approach was thus achieved and the project has been a success in Peyintaung village tract of Kalaw Township in Southern Shan State. It is expected that increased productivity would lead to the sustainable development ofthe rural community and the practice of shifting cultivation would be reduced in the target areas of the project.

A similar programme was also implemented in Peinnepin village tract of Kalaw Township by FREDA to promote the establishment of orange and tea orchards for income generation. FREDA also introduced various kinds of fruit trees for crop diversification on the same area so that in case of main crop faith us due to climate change, the newly introduced fruit trees can save the communities from disaster. The programme was supported by GFE and DKH of Germany on two different occasions.