Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA) is a non-political, non-profit and non-government organization in the forestry sector of Myanmar. Its strength is experience, dedication and dynamism. Registered in 1996, FREDA is currently composed of 706) members, comprising foresters, botanists, agronomists, zoologists, veterinary scientists, hydro-geologists, engineers, timber businessmen, journalists, artists, etc. Membership is open to any citizen of Myanmar over the age of 18, except those in active government service.

Honorable Founders

U Sein Maung Wint Retired DG (1996-2012)
U Ohn Retired Director (1996-2015)
U Sein Win Retired Director (1996-1999)
U Soe Kyi
Retired DDG
U Myint Swe Win Retired DDG (1996-1999)
U Than Myint Retired Director (1996-1999)
U Aung Than Retired DGM (1996-2000)


To regulate climate change and environmental deterioration through active participation of local community in sustainable forest management, proper land use practice and community development.



To promote participation and partnership in

1.   sustainable forest management

2.   natural environment conservation

3.   wildlife protection

4.   grass root level community development

5.   human resource development

6.   disaster risk reduction and sustainable land use

7.   responsible eco-tourism



The 15 member Central Committee (CC), approved at an appropriate General Assembly for a term of three years governs FREDA. The CC forms the Executive Committee, consisting of (5) CC members to oversee day-to-day operations. Field activities are implemented by the members recruited for specific assignments with people’s participation.